Welcome to MIS Pipelines

MIS Pipelines is a focused infrastructure services company providing quality services to the construction industry. Services such as:

  • Trenching for municipal services;
  • Installation of all water, sewer and storm water lines. The company is experienced in PVC, HDPE, Concrete and Steel pipes in all diameters;
  • Connection on new and existing installations to mains;
  • Manufacture of large steel fittings for installations;
  • Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) installations;

Value Proposition

MIS Pipelines has a strong value proposition to the market, the customer derives value from:

  • Extensive pool of skills and expertise;
  • Contribution to preferential procurement spend as the company is 100% black owned and managed;
  • Internal capacity (company has its own infrastructure – plant, equipment and vehicles)
  • Quick turnaround times;
  • Comprehensive contract scoping;
  • Quality of workmanship;
  • Aggressive pricing structures;

Professional association

The Construction Industry Development Board

MIS Pipelines has a level 8CEPE (Civil Engineering ) grade with board and is allowed to undertake contracts unlimited in value.

Awards and accolades

MIS Pipelines is committed to its clients and as a result of this dedication, it frequently receives letters of appreciation and commendation for the projects it undertakes.